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6 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From A Commercial Cleaning Company

If we had an IG account, we're pretty sure it would be filled with more motivational quotes than the corridor walls at your first office job, starting with something wishy-washy but totally true, like, "The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment." That's what it's all about. Well, that and hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism and safety.

You see, a clean office space does more than just show off dust-free skirting boards; it communicates professionalism to your clients, care to your customers and it encourages your employees to raise their own standards of professionalism -- and it does so from the moment everyone steps through your office doors. You may as well have a plaque hanging above your entrance saying, "we don't settle for standard, we set the standards, as you'l see from our shiny polished floors.:

Calling in the pros is that surefire way of helping you achieve your dreams of owning the perfect work space, one where employees turn up happy, crank out next-level work, smash out their projects and project an image of the unrivalled professionalism.

But just in case you need a little more persuading, here are five ways your business will benefit from picking up the phone and calling in a commercial cleaning service, you know, like us, Eco Cleaning Services:

1. Covid-19 Deep Clean & Disinfection

With cleanliness and hygiene more important than ever to both business operations and people's safety, we've developed a cleaning initiative that offers specialist Coronavirus sanitisation for any businesses that have either had a confirmed case of COVID-19 or simply want to take precautionary measures against Coronavirus. For the past few months, the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has changed the way people and businesses live their lives, with everyone now being more vigilant in the way they practise personal hygiene, disinfect touch points and carry out regular deep cleaning.

That's what we offer businesses. We offer peace of mind and reduced risk, and we do it through our professional and purposefully-developed deep cleaning initiative. After all, businesses everywhere have had to adapt to the "new normal", and with cleaning during the Coronavirus Era proving to be a rigorous process, we are able to offer our expertise, specialised equipment and a commitment to being thorough in everything we do. 

2. Through The Roof Productivity

According to a little thing called scientific research, the cleaner your working environment the happier you'll feel and thus the more productive you become. Translate that into business terms and you'll find your clean office is full of smily workers that just can't wait to get stuck into their to-do list (don't believe us, just read this list of ways a clean office improves employee productivity). But here's the thing: even though this has become scientifically proven, so many businesses still find themselves experimenting with a thousand strategies to increase productivity without realising the easiest, quickest, simplest solution is to bring in a commercial cleaning service that will keep your office clean and hygienic and the dreamiest place for your employees to work in.

3. Make Your Work Space Safe

And, no, we're not just talking about the coronavirus pandemic; we're talking about everyday safety. Right now, we're all having to live our lives socially distanced from one another, but given the way of a lot of businesses are set up, co-workers still have to cross paths and work in teams, and that means germs and bugs can spread pretty quickly between staff members. Now put that into business terms and you'll quickly see the best case scenario is your employees taking sick days, which is not ideal for productivity. The worst case scenario, however, is they do what they think is right and come to work despite feeling ill, which is when germs and diseases can pass through the office like a swarm of locusts.

That's why you need a commercial cleaner on your side; a team of professionals that can help to reduce the transmission of illnesses and germs. And that's just one side of the safety coin because having a professional clean also means tidying and organising your employees workspaces, helping your team to avoid preventable injuries. It's a winner winner chicken dinner scenario.

4. Professional Look, Positive Vibes

You know that age old adage, "first impressions count"? Well they do. A lot. They count on a first date, they count the first time your parents come to see your uni flat, and they count a whole lot in the business world -- probably more so than anywhere else. That's why you need a commercial cleaning service. You need someone that's going to take your workplace cleanliness levels up a notch so that they make every client and customer that walks through your door do that raised-eyebrows-slow-nod look that says they're impressed.

And the good vibes don't stop there because that same super-clean working environment will boost your employees efforts and indication that these are standards they will be held to from here on out. All you need to do is hire a commercial cleaning company and you can suddenly change the way your business is perceived by everyone so that you're suddenly known as being respectable and professional.

5. The Best Cleaning Money Can Buy

You may already have a couple of cleaners that pop in a few times a week, and they're probably doing a sufficient enough job that you walk into work with a spring in your step. But there is no substitute for a professional commercial cleaning company. Nothing. We're like unassuming Demi-Gods walking amongst mop-wielding mortals. But that's not even the best bit because, through hiring the best cleaning company around, you'll also save yourself a bunch of money in the long run. How? Because we're able to extend the shelf life of different workplace furnishings to prevent unnecessary expenses, such as replacing carpets and furniture and all that stuff.

6. Boost Your Staffs Happy Levels

If we got a dollar every time we boosted an employee's morale, we'd be able to move to America and buy The White House. Or at least a white house, probably in the suburbs of a small town in the south, but still. The point we're trying to make is this: the cleaner your employees working environment is, the better the office vibes will be because less mess means less stress, and that's what you want. You want employees with the highest happy levels possible because that will see your employees take more pride in their work, elevate your brand and boost your bottom line. That's what we can achieve, which is incredible right?!

As you can see, there's almost a thousand reasons why so many businesses are making the switch to commercial cleaning companies, whether it's for safety reasons or just employee happiness -- and the reason so many are coming to us is because we have a proven track record of exceptional cleaning services that awe tailor to each clients preferences, schedules, budgets, wants and needs. So get in touch with us today and let's see how we can help your business.

Thanks for reading! For more information, advice or helpful hacks, come and follow us on LinkedIn. Thanks again.


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