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10 Ways A Clean Office Improves Employee Productivity

A clean office does a lot more for your business than just look really-really great, and here's what.

Running a business is tough - like Stone Cold Steve Austin back-int-the-day kind of tough - and that's because there is so much to do, so many responsibilities to juggle and so many decisions to make. There's advertising, budgets, bookkeeping, remembering your employees birthdays, paying taxes, world domination and so much more. Thankfully, all of these things get remembered. They are things that business owners pretty much never overlook. What does tend to get overlooked by people, though, is workplace cleanliness -- but, boy-o-boy, is this one important.

First things first, keeping your office spick and span is what we humans would call "necessary for sanitation purposes". However, that's just the tip of the J-cloth because cleanliness has a huge roll to play in the overall productivity of a) your employees and b) any work-related projects. 

Crazy huh? Crazy enough to have piqued your curiosity, as you ask yourself, "But how does a polished floor and carpet with zero coffee stains do this?" The answer: read on, because we've listed 10 ways in which a clean office will improve your employees productivity:

1. Waaaay Less Sick Days

Let's get straight to it shall we: the cleaner your office, the less chance of germs, and the less chance of germs means less employees getting sick, which means less sick days being taken, and that means improved productivity. Boom. Think about it. By keeping your offices professionally cleaned, you're also keeping your employees nice and healthy. It's simple. It's all about keeping nasty bacterias at bay, which is best done by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company (just like us!). Oh and, it's not just about your employees taking less sick days -- it's also about making sure your employees show up to work ready to boss the heck out of their to-do lists, taking on their daily tasks with more gusto than a mid-Atlantic hurricane.

2. Boost Your Concentration Levels

We're not sure if you've seen Marie Kondo do her thing on Netflix, but the bottom line goes like this: clutter is bad for the brain. It's distracting and messy and makes you unproductive. Thankfully, cleanliness reduces clutter - and here's how it works: when you remove office clutter (or tidy it away), your employees' brains will be able to better concentrate that much more, smashing the task at hand out of the park. That means, by regularly cleaning your workplace, you're automatically improving the focus of your employees. 

3. Less Stress Is Best

Stress is kryptonite to productivity. Don't get us wrong, some people are able to crack on and thrive in a dirty bomb site. But most people do not. In fact, the majority of human beings start to feel an immense level of stress and anxiety when they're forced to work in a less-than-clean environment. Thankfully, there's an easy solution: keeping your offices nice and clean, which will in turn maximise your workplace productivity.

4. Really Good Moods

Think about it: what puts you in a better mood, sitting in a grubby and grimy environment or hanging out in a nice and clean one? Don't worry, we know the answer, we just wanted to make a point because the nice and clean environment will win 10 times out of 10. Something about working in a clean and tidy place instantly lifts our spirits and puts us in a good mood, and the same goes for your employees - and happy employees are way more productive, fact.

5. Reduces Employee Turnover

If we were to name all the reasons why employees leave their jobs, we'd have a list longer than the last three Harry Potter books put together. A lot of the time it's to do with their manager, sometimes it's to do with feeling unappreciated, possibly even unfulfilled... but usually it's a combination of things, including the fact they're spending 9 until 5 bogged down in a dirty, cluttered work environment that does very little for their morale, happiness or ability to crack on. So if you want to keep your employees - and keep them happy - try making small tweaks, like keeping your office clean. You'll be amazed at how many awesome workers you'll save, not to mention money too.

6. Monday Motivation

Nothing will boost productivity in your office like a team of motivated employees. It's the underlying secret to success that doesn't get enough kudos, but the equation is simpler than 2+2. If your employees lose their motivation, then the speed and quality of their work will drop faster than a skydiving boulder. That's why you need to do everything you can to keep your employees happy, chuffed and uber-motivated when they arrive into work - and office cleanliness could be the key. Why? Because a clean workplace talks to the subconscious by representing things like action and responsibility, while a filthy and untidy workplace promotes represents laziness and a whole lot of meh. 

7. Efficiency Goes Boom

If your granny is anything like ours, she probably had loads of fortune cookie wisdom stored up her sleeve, and one of those was probably: everything has a place, put everything in it's place. And she was absolutely right because when you know where stuff is, and it's easy to get to, you're productivity improves. It's all about being organised because being organised reduces that productivity-slaying "search time". But when your reduce that search time - boom - productivity is improved. This couldn't be truer with regards to the workplace, and that's exactly why you need to keep your office clean and organised.

Thanks for reading!


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