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8 Office Cleaning Facts Every Business Should Know About

Because a dirty office is even worse than you imagined.

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Do you know what sucks more than a Dyson? An unclean office. It's the absolute worst. You see, keeping on top of your cleaning duties (or asking us to keep on top of it for you) not only means you'll be getting rid of all those nasty, almost-invisible germs, but also helps you a) revel in some proper good air quality, b) keep your employees healthy and c) improves employee productive. Heck, if you're office is also a shop, keeping it clean will also mean more sales. Boom.

Basically, a clean work environment does more than keep your place looking pretty. Regular office cleaning means you drastically reduce the risk of your employees catching something nasty and having to take a few sick days to recover, before which they will have probably coughed and sneezed a few times, spreading their nasty cold and causing some of the colleagues to be taken down too. Not ideal. Thankfully, hiring us (the best commercial office cleaning service in the game) will ensure your office is clean, those germs are banished and your employees are able to get on kicking butt. Woohoo.

In that spirit, we've pulled together a list of facts that will make you shudder, say "ewwww" and then decide now is the time to get your clean. It's the smart choice, amigo.

office cleaning facts eco-cleaning services

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