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Research Shows The Cleaner Your Store The Bigger Your Sales

There's one reason you should care about how clean your store is -- and that's your customers.

We're not sure if you've noticed, but retail brands are doing just about everything they can to attract people to their stuff. They're less shops and more ultimate shopping adventures. Store fronts are more eye-grabbing than a welder's spark, the tech is so high tech it could probably navigate an Apollo mission to the moon and the layouts are so savvy you enter a shop looking for a t-shirt and end up leaving with a necklace, a pair of painted clogs and two leaf blowers. The point is: customer satisfaction is the most important thing in retail success.

Think about it: if a customer pops into your shop walks around feeling happy about their experience, they're roughly 6,368-times more likely to walk out feeling satisfied, and that means they're waaaaay more likely to come back in the future.

What you might not know, however, is that a customer isn't made to feel happy by lots of tech and savvy layouts. No, in a recent study (probably performed by people in white lab coats), no less than 99% of customers would not return to a business if there was poor cleanliness and hygiene. 99 percent! That's loads. And that's not all because, of the 1,004 adult human beings that took part in this survey, they all said, "cleanliness would negatively affect their perception and experience of a retail store."

So what constitutes uncleanliness in the eye of the customer? Well, popping back to that study we just mentioned, apparently the worst things are unclean toilets and unpleasant odours, both of which scored higher on the "oh, heck no" metre than things like bad customer service, while other negative things included dirty floors, spills, stains, unclean surfaces, dirty mirrors and grubby windows.

And that's just one study.

In another piece of research, it was found that 52% of shoppers would totally avoid a retail store if it looked dirty from the outside. That means more than 1 in 2 potential customers would decide to go else where before they've even walked inside your shop (which probably has loads of nice things they'll never see).

What does all this mean? It means you need to recognise that the majority of customers place a massive amount of value in cleanliness, which is good news when it comes to improving your customers' experience, because it's so easy to achieve. You just need to call us. We'll make sure:

  • Your store is cleaner than a U-rated Disney film

  • We send you one of our awesome cleaning operatives and make sure they fully understands your business values and objectives

  • We carry out a detailed audit of your facilities to make sure every part of your business gets our spick and span treatment: your toilets, your changing rooms, entrance ways, window fronts, eating areas, common spaces, till surfaces, counters, everywhere.

  • We'll regularly review the results of our cleaning heroes to make sure we're constantly surpassing your expectations, while further developing our strategies to improve on our services.

Thanks for reading!


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