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Back In Business: How Cleaners Can Make Your Customers Feel Safer

Apart from being the greatest cleaning company between London and Pluto, there's nothing we're more proud of than our knowledge of useless facts. For instance, did you know that it would take 68 years to spend one night in each hotel room in Disney World, or that you lose 8 ounces of water from your body every hour you're flying (presumably in a plane) or, wait for it, only 39% of people currently feel safe when entering a local business due to pandemic.

That's right. According to research carried out by the super-brainy Dexter's at First Insight (who did a survey of over 500 people), only 39% percent of people feel safe about walking into your establishment, whether that's a restaurant or retail store or anything in between. That's a pretty big chunk of people that don't feel safe. But we totally get it. They're scared, which isn't exactly the ideal emotion for any business owners hoping to get customers back into their stores and eateries now that coronavirus-restrictions are starting to be lifted, but it's still pretty understandable.

That's why you need to do everything you can to make your favourite people feel nothing but safe, and to do this you need to start creating an environment where shoppers, diners and your own employees feel safe and secure. You need to show people what you are doing to make your premises a happy, healthy and risk-free place for them to come and enjoy shopping, eating or even working -- ultimately, you want to make a show of your cleanliness.

In that spirit, here's how Eco-Cleaning Services can help fill your customers with confidence again:

No.1: We're Covid Cleaning Experts

We've always been more than just your normal professional commercial cleaners. Sure. We've always done the normal commercial cleaning stuff - the boring bits you need doing - we've just always believed commercial cleaning is about more than mopping and wiping, it's about offering the best service you could ever dream of -- and that's been cemented during this pandemic thanks to our Covid-19 cleaning initiative.

Basically, we offer specialist Coronavirus sanitisation for businesses and premises that have either had a confirmed case of COVID-19 or simply want to take precautionary measures against Coronavirus. From pointing our powerful V1 sanitisers at all those high-frequency touch points to offering a full sanitisation and disinfection fogging process, we're able to use our experienced cleaning heroes and specialised equipment to perform a right rigorous process, which is exactly what your customers want you to be doing.

They want to know you've hired the best in class to deep clean your premises and stop the spread of Covid-19, something you can then celebrate on your website, your social media pages and on the doors n' windows of your now squeaky-clean and sanitised establishment. We can even print off a sticker and a certificate to back up your claims if you fancy (they're quite snazzy too).

No.2: We Work Around Your Needs

Perception is reality, which is why we're here to help your customers see exactly how dedicated you are to prioritising cleanliness. That starts with having a professional cleaner come in either at the end of each day (when the sign on your door gets spun to the "closed" side) or before you open up in the morning (or whenever you open). Then make a show of it. Put one cleaning checklist by the entrance and another by the changing rooms or toilets that tells people when your premises was last deep-cleaned and by who, with details of what techniques were used.

The more people can see and understand about your efforts, the more confidence they will have when shopping with you. It's about instituting familiar signs of safety, from using our cleaning ninjas to make sure every area is super-safe to providing hand sanitiser and trolley wipes to going contactless. Showing everyone that wanders past your windows that your taking big and small actions to adapt to the new way of living is as important as it gets.

No.3: We Can Educate Your Employees On Safety

We're good at cleaning. No, scrap that. We're freakin' awesome at cleaning, to the point we're confident we'd win the Time Magazine's best cleaning service award if it were ever to become one. But (and it's a Kim Kardashian-sized but), there's no point in us taking every precaution when cleaning your place of business if you and your employees don't uphold similar safety protocols.

Think about it: when your customers know how much care and thought your employees are putting into the whole safety thing, they're going to trust you more than their favourite cousin. That's why you need to have all your staff and employees sticking to your newly implemented safety precautions, and we can help with the hygiene part of that process by showing your team how to clean and disinfect all objects and surface areas.

But it's not just about teaching your employees how to clean, but how to build a bit of banter and rapport with your customers even through a mask. Friendly gestures, smiling wider than normal to create those smile lines, eye-contact and, above all, trying to avoid hospital-standard masks because branded ones give off a way more friendly vibe.

No.4: We Establish Consistency

If you're an Arsenal fan, you're probably not too familiar with this term, but consistency is one of the most important factors to uphold right now. You want your cleaning processes to be consistent, the techniques used to be consistent and for your cleaning superhero to know exactly what areas of your premises require the most attention so that these high-frequency touch points can be consistently sanitised. But you also want your message to be consistent because that's been proven to help build a rock-solid level of trust between you and your customers.

So, aside from a regular and consistent cleaning schedule, make sure your employee mask and gloves policy matches your customers and look at holding refresher courses that reminder your employees about how to care for and assist customers without hovering or getting too close. It is also a good idea to have a strategy in place should a customer or client enter your business and start flouting your safety protocols and social distancing measures.

No.5: We Help Make Safety Measures Highly Visible

If we had a dollar for every time we said how important it is to show off your safety measures, we could probably buy a rusty Reliant Robin by now. But that's exactly what you need to do. You need to clean like your business depends on it and then make these efforts part of your marketing strategy. Have us perform your deep cleaning needs, place sanitiser stations at your doors, use signs to explain your new protocols, visibly show-off your cleaning practices while your customers are shopping and just, you know, make a huge show out of your cleanliness.

The aim is basically to demonstrate a purposeful, well-planned and organised approach that has been designed to do one thing and one thing only: keep customers and employees safe. It's all about increasing your safety perceptions.

No.6: We've Got Next-Level Cleaning Experience

We've got a whole bunch of cleaning experience (15 years to be exact), which is probs why Eco Cleaning Services has created such an incredible reputation as reliable, approachable and really good at making places gleam. We've even been approached by the Avengers to clean Stark Tower (unless that was a prank call again?). Anyway, the point is, we've been around for a while, and that's allowed us to learn from the past, including past coronavirus outbreaks, including  SARS and MERS. That's why we're able to provide our clients with rapid response deep cleaning services. We're pretty great actually.

No.7: The Safest-Working Practises

Our ability to carry out this level of service to the highest standard is based on our safe working practises, as a means of protecting our frontline professionals as well as you and your staff. These safe working practises include:

  • Adhering to the social distancing measures proposed by the government

  • The strict use of all appropriate PPE equipment

  • The safe disposal of any single-use equipment and waste

  • Thorough cleaning of our equipment before and after each job

  • Entering your premise(s) when they are empty to reduce the risk of any unnecessary contact

  • Upholding the highest hygiene standards throughout our company

  • Using detailed process sheets to ensure every area gets signed off and the correct PPE is used

In Conclusion

We're basically the Luke Skywalker's of the cleaning world and you should probably shouldn't reopen your doors without us. You know, just to be safe.

Thanks for reading! For more information, advice or helpful hacks, come and follow us on LinkedIn. Thanks again.


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