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6 Ways To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Office Carpet

Coffee is probably the greatest thing for your business (super-awake employees, anyone?), but coffee stains aren't - here's how to get them out.

Coffee is amazing. Like next-level amazing. So amazing that around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are sipped n' slurped every single day (which is a lot of misspelled names #starbucks). But why is it so amazing, you probably aren't asking. Well, it tastes good, it smells good, it's good at making you feel happy, it's good at releasing dopamine, and it's good at waking you up on Monday mornings and keeping you awake on "working late Wednesdays".

Basically, coffee is every business owners best friend because coffee is what keeps every employee dancing through the day with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. So there we have it: we all love coffee.

What we don't love, however, is coffee stains, especially as they tend to happen at the most inconvenient times: as you're running for a meeting, as you sit down at your desk to play catchup after your annual leave, when you have new clients coming to look around your space, right before your store's grand opening.

That's why it's such a good thing that Eco Cleaning Services have 6 awesome tips to help you remove coffee stains fast, and get your business back to looking it's best:

1. Baking Soda

Imagine something that could remove everything from coffee rings on your desk to marks in your mug, stains on your clothes to spills on your carpet -- well, that something is baking soda (and it’s so powerful, you can even whiten your teeth by brushing with it). But sticking to coffee stains, simply blot the stain with a dry cloth, gently scrub it with a mild detergent, spray it with water, pat it dry and then add some baking soda. After that, leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum it up. Easy.

2. Club Soda

Or sparkling water, as we in the UK call it, is one of the best eco-friendly cleaning products out there, especially when it comes to a) grease stains and b) coffee spills. Let's say you accidentally knocked Phillip's coffee off his desk during an office chair race, all you have to do is blot the stain, sprinkle it with same salt, add a splash of sparkling water and leave it to soak overnight. Then blot the coffee stain again before hoovering up the salt with your office Henry.

3. Vinegar

This one is as easy as saying yes to a Yorkie (both the chocolate bar and the dog): simply blot the coffee stain, pour on some vinegar, rub in some cold water and then, if you need to, add a bit more vinegar. Voila, all gone. And if it isn't quite all gone, just repeat the process. How easy was that.

4. Dish Soap

Ask your granny what she uses to remove coffee stains and, chances are, she'll say, "Liquid dish soap, of course." That or laundry detergent, which is just as good. The trick is to put it on your coffee stain as soon as you can, along with a healthy dose of cold water (never use warm water as this will just encourage the stain to keep ruining your carpet). Once you've done this, get back to your emails, before rubbing it out, say, 5 minutes later. If it’s an older stain, try leaving it to soak for longer, rubbing the coffee stain every five or so minutes. And if it's still not gone after a half-hour, that's when you can soak it in warm water.

5. Egg Yolk

Don't worry, you read that right and, no, we've not totally lost the plot. Egg yolk works a treat. What you need to do is: grab an egg, a cup of cold water and a sponge, and then get ready to witness real-life magic. First, blot the coffee stain with the sponge. Then beat the egg yolk and cold water together before pouring it over the stain. Now leave it for a few minutes. Once you've done that, rinse it with cold water and enjoy your stain free carpet. If that doesn't work, however, try adding a bit of rubbing alcohol and a couple spoons of water to the egg yolk, before blotting it on the stain. 

Thanks for reading!


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