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7 Office Cleaning Hacks You'll Really Want To Bookmark

Once you cleaning hack, you’ll never go back.

If you’re in that camp of people who believes no one on earth likes cleaning, we get it. The only people we can think of are Mr Muscle and Toilet Duck, and one is a mascot and the other is a duck. However, the only reason most people don’t like cleaning is because they haven’t learned how to get their cleaning done fast and efficiently, which is what #lifehacks were basically invented for, right?

But while you’re bathroom, shower and kitchen can wait to be scrubbed (hint: they actually can’t), nowhere needs a good old clean more than your office.

Whether you’re one of those work-from-home types or someone who works in a massive office in some awesome metropolis, there is one rule you can’t escape: a clean office improves productivity, fact. Think about it. When you’re surrounded by clutter and mess and yesterdays chocolate wrappers and weird little knick-knacks and stuff, your mind becomes cluttered and messy too -- and that’s not good for anyone’s focus. But here’s the real kicker: an untidy office also has a way of screaming “I suck at both organisation and management” at anyone who walks through your door, especially clients and customers.

Now, obviously, the best thing you can do is call the best of the best, the experts, the eco-friendly Michael Jordans of the professional cleaning game (spoiler alert: that’s us!). But you can also make more of an effort yourself, and to help you, we’ve made a list of awesome cleaning hacks so you can revel in a more economic, environmentally-awesome, organised and, dare we say, a more gorgeous workplace. You. are. welcome.

1. Post-It Notes For Those In-Betweens

Fact No.12 About Office Life: everyone has a ridiculously large stash of sticky notes. People just wouldn’t be able to operate without them. Where would they write their to-do lists? Or take notes? Or write their food truck order? Whatever the case, these handy pieces of sticky paper aren’t just great for scribbling down bits and bobs, they’re also amazing for cleaning up crumbs, dust, dirt, lint and everything else that gets caught between your keyboard keys. Simply poke the sticky end of a post-it note between the keys and, voila, you’ve got a gross-free keyboard.

2. Organise Your Wires

We might be speeding toward a wireless world faster than a bullet train heading into Tokyo, but we’re not there yet. In fact, our desk lives have become breeding grounds for wires of every kind: power cords, charging cables, desk fans, earphones and so much more. To avoid this from happening to your desk (pah, like it hasn’t already), all you need to do is a) slap a small sticker onto each plug that tells you what each cable is connected to, and b) use simple binder clips to keep your cables separate and yet still attached to your desk. Genius.

3. Carpets Mean Caution

We love a carpeted office as much as the next sightly-strange person, but they do pose a real nightmare when a clumsy colleague spills food or coffee because, urgh, the smelly, stickiness can last for roughly, umm, forever. Thankfully, that is what spill-proof containers were invented for... so use them. That said, prevention doesn’t always work, which is why we recommend investing in a quality carpet steam cleaner. These won’t just get rid of said gross mess, but they will also sanitise and kill the nasty bacteria. And if you’re still staring at a coffee spill, we have six coffee stain removal hacks that will help you big time.

4. Top Drawer Dust Cloth

Dust is the worst. Dust makes your fingertips look gross, your chest feel wheezy and your desk look like you just don’t care. That’s why you should have a dust cloth stored in your top drawer at all times and start getting into the habit of giving your space a quick once over. It could be while you’re trying to think of a response to Karen’s email, or while you’re on the phone to that super-chatty client or just something you do at the start of each day. Either way, a microfibre cloth will change your life (in an almost totally unnoticeable way).

5. Vinegar Filled Sock For Blinds

As anyone with blinds will tell you, the struggle is real. Sure, they look professional and they are really convenient, but they are still a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. They are just so fiddly and flimsy. But there is an answer for this hellish task: a sock dipped in vinegar. Yup. A sock dipped in vinegar. Simply rub this dynamic duo over the slats of your blind and you’ll have them clean in a jiffy. Oh and, just so you know we’re not totally crazy, the reason we suggest vinegar is because a) it’s totally natural, b) it sanitises without needing a rinse and c) the smell evaporates as it dries.

6. Remove Water Rings With…

Mayo. Yeah, as in mayonnaise. Like the socky vinegar thing, we know this sounds odd but (apart from your office friendships) what have you got to lose when you’re trying to get rid of a dozen hideous water rings caused by your Starbucks coffee cups? All you have to do is wait until everyone has left the office put some mayo on a cloth and then wipe the stain. It’s incredible. Kooky, but incredible. And you won’t be using any harmful chemicals in the process.

7. Cornstarch Helps Wet Papers

We’ve all had that Bridget Jones-esque moment of spilling a drink over your papers before you walk into a super-important meeting and, well, it’s the worst. It’s not the end of the world, but it does suck. However, it turns out that cornstarch is great at absorbing moisture. Simply sprinkle a little cornstarch over your wet documents, let them do their thing for about five hours or so and then, once its dry, head over to the bin and brush it off with a soft bristle brush. Your day has just been saved.

Thanks for reading! For more information, advice or helpful hacks, come and follow us on LinkedIn. Thanks again.


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